How to Become a Dental Assistant

Dental assistants work with licensed dentists. They help dentists before and after dental work as well as during the dental treatment. Dental assistants prepare patients for treatment, note their medical histories, prepare equipment, take x-rays and apply anesthetics. Dental assistants make casts of teeth, create temporary crowns and clean dental prosthetics. They work in dentist’s office too. Their work includes billing, receiving patients in the office, keeping patient records, etc. Dental assistants also schedule the appointments and supply orders. Before starting a career as a dental assistant, you have to follow some necessary steps.

Students generally complete a dental assistant program at technical schools, community college or vocational schools. Depending on course, programs take like one to two years to complete. You can choose from diploma course or associate degree course. Apart from classroom teaching, you will be trained practically to be fit in this field. Courses commonly include Dental materials, dental pharmacology, dental radiography, oral anatomy and first aid.

You can specialize in many different areas of oral care. There are other areas like Endodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, Prosthodontics, maxillofacial surgery and Dentofacial orthodontics in courses of dental assistant. Actually, you need to focus on what you are willing to learn. Yes, it takes a relatively short period of time to become a dental assistant. You will receive certificates after the completion of your courses. Maximum academic programs related to dental assistance course, take nine to eleven months to complete. Apart from that you can complete the course via distance education or part time education program.

Dental assistants can fulfil their training by gaining experience and by completing an externship. A large number of academic programs offer externship programs. During this type of learning procedure, you can experience real life situations and polish your skills in dental pathology, oral hygiene, oral anatomy and dental pharmacology. They can focus on chair side assisting too.

Certificate and license is necessary in many states for getting a job as a dental assistant. You have to pass the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) examination, which is certified by The Dental Assistant National Board (DANB). You have to score 400 or more than this to be a certified dental assistant. The exam carries 900 points in total. A student who doesn’t pass the examination, are requested to give the exam next time. It is always a good idea to see yourself as a certified or licensed dental assistant; so that in the near future, you don’t have to face any troublesome situation related to job or selection. If you are interested, you may also choose to complete the National Entry Level Dental Assistant test. This is also administered by the DANB. You can grab further certifications, including Preventive Functions Dental Assistant, Restorative Functions Dental Assistants and Orthodontic Dental Assistant.

State regulations may vary in that case though. You can go for associate degrees too. This two year associate degree covers many topics similar to the certificate and diploma programs, but in depth. So focus on your goal, choose the proper courses and be a certified dental assistant.

Difference between Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant

Both physical therapist and occupational therapist go hand in hand. They do rehabilitative work. Both help patients to be healed from the injuries or other disabilities as without this, the patient may be restricted from moving and also lag behind in their daily life. Both go along with each other in the health care world. Though they have many similarities, but yet it they have some differences too.

Work Environment

Physical therapists generally work with people who need help in recovering from injuries. Their main aim is to get back the patients to their regular movement patterns with massage, exercises and by applying different techniques. The therapy is mainly conducted from the PT’s office. Physical therapy often aims at preventing injuries. This process helps people to avoid surgery or a long-term dependence on medications.

Occupational therapist helps the patient to do every day task, whether they are recovering from their injuries or have developmental or cognitive disabilities; affecting their emotions, motor skills or behavior. The whole process takes place mainly in the patient’s home. It can also take place in the office of the therapist or in hospitals. They help the patients in such a way that they can lead a problem free life and can do work without any obstruction.

PT’s mainly choose the path of exercises to remove pain and improve muscle strength and movements of the affected area while the OT’s help patient to deal with different cognitive issues and with loss of memory.

To encourage a lively lifestyle, PT’s develop wellness and fitness program, in order to cure injuries and to eliminate pain without any medicine and surgery. But an OT suggests the architects to make the daily needs of the patients convenient.

Suppose a patient has a knee replacement surgery and he has to recover. His physical therapist will definitely give him some exercise to do so that his mobility can improve with the artificial knee. His PT will also try to give him relief from the pain due to surgery and will also try to ease his stiffness. On the other hand, an OT helps him to learn how to use a wheelchair. Also teach him how to climb the stairs with standing balance. They also help him to perform sanitation in the sink. Sometimes they both work together to make a patient fit and fine. Or a patient may start with a physical therapist and after some improvement, they may move to OT.

Getting Started in Your Career

To start the career as physical therapist it is necessary to become undergraduate first. Most of the physical therapists have doctorate which it needs 3 years and for masters it need 2 years.

OT is no doubt a booming career. To become an OT, master degree is needed which will take two years. And for doctoral, it can take between two to three years.

PT mainly works with the patients in the areas like neurology, orthopedics, geriatrics, pediatrics, women health and sports. On the other hand, OT deals with the areas like bringing mobility in communication, driving, poor vision, school system and the whole process of eating that is feeding, chewing and swallowing.

5 States that Pay the Most for Medical Assisting

Medical assisting is a great career choice. Many people are earning thousands of bucks while working as a medical assistant. With an education and a medical assistant diploma there is huge potential for career advancement depending on the market. There are some states which pay very handsome salary to the medical assistants.

But what the top 5 states of US pay for the medical assistant is simply no match for the others. It enhances the job potential and helps these assistants to earn a better livelihood. Let’s check out the top 5 who pays the most.


California has been ranked number one when it comes to payment of the medical assistants. The state has got good reason to do that. It has been seen that the state has employed nearly 82,820 medical assistants in a variety of hospitals and give them better facilities.  Moreover, it provides such great to the medical assistance that it has been declared as the number one state for providing salaries to the medical assistance. Since the cost of living is 6% higher in California than other states and that is the only reason why it provides the highest pay package to the medical assistants. The pay package of the medical assistants in California can pay 33,750$ per year to the medical assistants which has been found to be the highest among all states. There are some fastest growths in the state in the field of medical assistance, job and that is the reason why it is the number one paying the salary for medical assistants.


The medical assistant job is booming in the Idaho. That is why the salary of the medical assistants is also higher. Not like California, but the salary provides the medical centers of Idaho comes next and that is why it is ranked number two in the salary package for the medical assistants.  There are some values which will indicate the why Idaho gives the second best salary to the medical assistants.

10% of medical assistant earn $37, 910

Top 25% medical assistants earn $34, 240

50% Medical Assistants earn 29, $330 dollars

District of Columbia

The medical assistants in the District of Columbia also earn a fair way and that is why the state is ranked third in providing the salary package to the medical assistant professionals. The survey, which has been done recently proves that District of Columbia is far lower that the other two states. The average income of the medical assistant in the District of Columbia is nearly 26, 568$ which is considered to be middle for the profession.


This state comes in fourth rank while providing the salary for the medical assistant jobs. The truth is that you are going to get $ 35,000 in the state, which is quite lower than the other three states. Hence it is a growing process but it needs to grow sufficiently to become the number one. The health care units no doubt are paying the good salary, but to rise to the top it really needs to work hard enough.


This state rounds off the top five lists for the salary for the medical assistants. The average incomes of the medical assistants are not very high and that is why it will come in the fifth on the list of pay packages to medical assistants. The Massachusetts health clinics are trying very hard to increase the salary of the medical assistants and there are stuck up problems which these clinics can’t avoid.

Healthy Ways to Fight Stress in 2016

Welcome 2016. A new year, a new beginning and a healthy smile are all yours. Everything is going fine, but stress. Yes stress. Pinpointing a particular source of everyday stress is actually impossible. Try to identify some of them, look closely at your habits and excuses. And then try to fight against stress. Start relaxing. You deserve it! Here are seven simple, healthy, but powerful tips to fight stress. Please read on to know.

    1. Listen to Music: -Take a break from your work and listen music of your choice. Soft music, band music or the classical one could help you a lot. Playing soft music brings a positive energy for your brain and body. It reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.
    2. Breathe Deeply: -Gift yourself a 5-minute break. Sit up straight with closed eyes. Put your hand on your belly. Inhale through nose, feel your breath is working, and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat the process for few times. Breathe in, Breathe out. Slowly. You will feel much better.
    3. Laugh out: – It will not just lighten your mind, it lowers cortisol and boosts endorphins, the brain chemicals. It will change your mood in little time. Read comics, see funny videos or just give a call to your best friend.
    4. Move your body: – According to medical professionals, all forms of exercises, yoga or even walking on a road can reduce depression fast. These help your brain to release feel-good hormones. Go for a walk around your office or home, up down the stairs. Roll your head and shrug your shoulder. Do some easy stretching exercise too.
    5. Sleep well: – Do you know that it may be the most effective stress buster for you. Doctor recommends seven to eight hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is also a big reason of stress. Say good night early, turn the TV off earlier and go to sleep.
    6. Mediate: – Daily meditation can reduce your stress level to a great extent. Sit up straight, close your eyes, focus on your mind, forget about what’s going on, try to feel yourself, recite any mantra you know or try to feel the God. Do not allow any distracting thought, let them float by like clouds. Meditation is really very helpful to cut down stress levels. Apart from these, you may feel that you are flying or can concentrate on something beautiful like the moon, flow of river etc. Do not open your eyes during meditation. It will store a positive energy in your mind and body.

  1. Offer yourself a cup of green tea: – Instead of coffee or any other energy drinks, go for green tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants as well as theanine. Theanine is an amino acid which has a calming and soothing effect on the human nervous system. Certainly your stress level will be reduced.

Try to follow these simple and easy steps whenever you feel stressed. Start enjoying life without stress with those stress busters.

Back Braces Support Treat Chronic Back Pain

Back braces are a standard therapy for a selection of issues recovery breaks, including scoliosis, or in fusions. They function by delicately pushing the back into it’s proper location and limiting the motion of the back. Back braces might help facilitate the healing method after back surgery plus they could generally decline a patient’s lower-back pain or discomfort.
Many people prefer not to use braces back as a result of how they feel back braces seem. Nevertheless, most back braces are highly-effective and can be used underneath your clothing. In most cases, the trunk brace is hardly easy, if not impossible, to discover.

Most back braces fall under 1 of 2 groups: stiff braces and braces that are flexible. The rigid braces are termed the versatile brass as well as braces are termed flexible braces or corset braces:

Firm Braces – These are often durable plastic braces that can control up-to about 60% of the activity that is spine’s. Since, by decreasing action significantly more than braces, they are able to make the healing process quicker they are mostly useful for bone fractures. They’re generally simply used when taking a stand, not laying down since form fitting and firm braces are generally limited.
Corset Braces – also referred to as flexible braces, corset braces are typical after having a lumbar fusion. the patient to fold forward, making it easier for the combination to set is not allowed by these braces. Since they help keep your back straight while training and advise one to lift together with your thighs these may also be normally worn by people with careers that include a great deal of heavy lifting.
Both types of braces may, using instances, be used to take care of the underlying reason for chronic pain that was back. Like, individuals who suffer with scoliosis (the excessive sideways curve of the spine) sometimes encounter back pain. By nudging the back into its right placement back braces can help.

In case you have problems with serious back-pain and you’d into obtaining a back brace like to look, you must visit an experienced back pain doctor. At Garden State Pain Control, our board certified NJ back pain physicians might help you discover the right treatment for your persistent back-pain and propose the correct support that is back.